ORLAB – The robotics garage

ORLAB is not a company its the home for the engineering students to come and join hands to complete their engineering projects or implement technology thoughts with the devices for the connected world. ORLAB is a non-profit organisation which shows the students the way to think differently, make the students confident enough to speak on the latest and upcoming technologies. ORLAB is not driven by many rather, the garage is lead by Santanu (me) only whose childhood passion was to be a robotics engineer. Santanu while completing some of his creative robot designs he felt that he should form a team with the students who can become the technology leaders by showing their depth of knowledge to the world. Students or the youth of any country can be considered as the real asset for a country to challenge the world but, students just don’t know to discover their potential their own. Here ORLAB goes!! .. Students in ORLAB are guided not just to complete their projects but, they are guided to love the technology in its utmost depth. Students are capable enough without ORLAB to get a job but, spending time in ORLAB surely they can walk little extra mile and make themselves the differentiators inside the crowd.


The past, present and future of communication technology

Communication World.png

“In the technology world I just face new challenges everyday and every moment which make me think how lucky am I that I am regularly getting opportunity to learn”

With the eveolution of new technologies, communication protocols if we still stay behind in making the students and future engineers with knowledge then, we can surely expect students will regularly develop bugs instead of right codes and systems. It is not the faults of the students to deliver the buggy code but, their subjects and the technology world are not in sync. Their subjects are like burdens for them and completing their project is more like a duty than love to deliver something that speaks about their success. Most of the questions student ask remain unanswered and majority of their questions are awarded with the term “meaningless” – which never makes them confident but, they just stop themselves asking questions thinking what the audiance will think about them. The system creates the gap in the students, system teaches them stay silent and build half knowledge. It is their gap in knowledge which hinders them to forsee the challenges if the system updates.