ORLAB in few bullets:

  • ORLAB – An Open Robotics LAB for students working on their Robotics and Embedded projects
  • A Lab equipped with machineries for Electronics Circuit Design & Learning
  • ORLAB is my personal research place for working on patents & innovations on different technologies
  • Students, Professors and Corporates and due to their demands and expectations I have finally planned to open it for the students so that they can get some additional guidance for their projects
  • It’s a Non-Profit Organization(NPO) for the engineering students to make them as per the expectations of the industry
  • It is kind of “Engineer’s Adda” for sharing knowledge and working as a team in a simulated corporate environment but, obviously in informal manner – as in real corporate they can’t refuse to wear that mandatory mask of formalism. Ending of the collage life means the end of all kinds of enjoyments and mastis.

About me:

I’m Santanu Mitra a technology lover and work as an Architect at IBM India. Its an odd combination in me that being the technology evangelist my true love is arts like Photography, Cooking, Philosophy, Writing Poems, Traveling to explore wildlife and nature. But, trust me whatever I do, I do with love to please my soul not just to show.

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