Before you start ..

*** Notes for the IOT Enthusiasts ***

It is too much of enthusiasm to make your first robot or RC car or device. But, before you start just keep few things in mind –

  • Don’t rely on the word – “You don’t need any programming background” !! You need some basic programming background which will give you flexibility to change things as you wish otherwise you are just the user of the device.
  • You need a controller – like, Arduino or Raspberry Pi and so many others currently available in market
  • Never play with your devices in hurry – its not just code which will through error or leave bug sometimes the damage is irreversible and your devices may get fried with some wrong actions.
  • Try to avoid loose wiring while making the circuits – basic circuits on project bread board is ok but, for complex circuits never use a bread board – if something goes wrong then it would be very hard to debug the connections.
  • More functionalities you expect from your device more the sensors and electronic modules are going to be associated with your device.
  • Inclusion of more electronic modules mean more consumption of battery.
  • For Testing your creation try to use Lab Power supply with constant current supply – depending on battery will grow the development cost. Once your device is ready then try to drive it with battery.
  • Robots don’t always mean some mechanical model walk on the floor. Robot is something that performs mechanical operations but, we know how to make use of those mechanical gestures of your devices – rethink and frame your thoughts newly.


Always keep your IOT devices far away from the reach of the children. Some sensor are very small and get attention of the children which may cause big damage for them.