Areas of Work

The Highlevel topics for discussions are shown below –

  • Mobile Technology and application development

Developing native mobile applications to access data on-the-go (Purely Coding)

Hybrid Application development – quick application design and less Time-to-market (Purely Coding)

Responsive Web Design – content focused and form factor targeted development (Purely Coding)

  • Embedded Systems design

Microcontroller based devices and system design – electronics circuit design and programming

Programming for devices like firmware development

  • Evolution in communication world

Connecting and controlling machines from communication channels like – Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC etc

Applications using Bluetooth LE

  • Advanced communication systems integrated with embedded systems

When embedded systems get controlled over the network – may be from mobile devices

Controlling and monitoring your home appliances from remote machines

  • The evolution of Machine-To-Machine (M2M) communication and Internet Of Things (IOT)

How the machines can communicate among themselves and take decision

How even smallest things like sensors can communicate among themselves without human intervention and make decisions ( Swarm Intelligence )

Robots communicating among them or controlling a DRONE

  • Concept of Connected World

Expanding world of things which can communicate among them and make decisions

Driverless cars finds a parking place and safely parking it without any human help and effort


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